Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Caution!:'s Vinca Stencil Font Rocks!

Shopping at a local retail big-box, membership store - a customer's bright sign graphic caught my attention from afar. I've been brain-storming a logo re-design for a client and this distressed text reminded me of a spray-painted stencil font. I've attempted a few times to illustrate my own texture on a stencil font, but it never quite looks natural enough to satisfy my creative appetite. With the customer's permission - I shot his shirt and shared it here.

The journey began to dissect this design to find out a little more information about its origins. The shirt is a tribute to the annual Hell's Canyon Motorcycle Rally, which is a 219-mile cruise from La Grande, OR to Baker City, OR that shares Oregon's curves and views; a back-seat-driver's worst nightmare come true because distracted drivers can fatally veer off the road even under the most beautiful and ideal conditions. Hell's Canyon Scenic Byway is also known as "Road Rash Pass" to experienced motorcyclists and was nominated (by Rand McNally Road Trips) for being one of the most beautiful road trips in the U.S. 2012.

I contacted the event organizers to find out the original designer of the shirt and learned their name is Oregon Screen Impressions and they're based in Portland, Oregon. The primary font used for the bold headlines is called "Vinca Stencil" and was designed by Antonio Moro (You may e-mail him at, or for PayPal money donations, please use his paypal email:; the font is available for free downloading online; however, since I was unable to unzip the font from a downloaded .ZIP folder, I e-mailed Antonio and he e-mailed me the font in a mac-compatible format to share it!

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